Make Your Own Caravan Sun Blinds

Across mainland Europe were the weather is a bit warmer than the British Isles many caravanners keep the inside of their caravans cool by leaving the windows open and fitting sun-blinds to the outside of the windows. These types of caravan blinds are relatively easy to make and won’t cost you the earth either.

The materials needed are a large table protector, or more than one depending on the number of caravan windows you want to cover, with silver reflective surface on one side and soft cloth material on the other. You can either use a piece of card or the material itself to measure the size and shape of the window to be fitted. Once you have the measurement you should add a few inches to each side of the caravan window sun-blind to be cut to allow it to fold over the edge of the windows.

Slide BindersDepending on were you’re going on holiday you may want to fold a small hem in the bottom and add some weight with either small ball bearings or something similar. This weighted end should be just heavy enough to stop the wind blowing the end up but light enough not to pull the whole thing off.

Once completed you just have your caravan window open and offer the home made sun blind to the window and fold over each side and hold in place with nothing more than a plastic slide binder. If you seem to be having trouble with that then you could always use bulldogs clips.

That’s it simple really, now obviously the larger the windows are the more material you will be using and the slide binders may not work on their own. If this does happen leave a long strip on the top and add weight to this or use bulldog clips to that to secure it in place.

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